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Print papers admission notice


1. If your abstract is rated as Oral Presentation:

Please prepare Slide to record the speech video and upload it through the website before August 30.

8 mins for Oral Presentation, 2 mins discussion. Please log in to the conference website for speaking time, speaker instructio.Click the link below to download the template.

2. If your abstract is rated as Poster:

1) Click the link below to download the template. Slide pages should not exceed 40 pages, and the file size should not exceed 20M

2) Log in to the "Personal Center" with the contributor's account and click " abstract list" to upload your E-poster.

3) The deadline for uploading the electronic poster is: 24:00(BJT) on August 30, 2021.

4) If you have any questions during the submission of the poster, please consult the secretariat: Wenxiu Shao register@afsumb2021.com.

AFSUMB2021 Slide template.pptx

AFSUMB2021 Poster Slide template.pptx

AFSUMB2021-Speaker CV Photo .pptx

3. If the abstract is rated as Publish/Reject, please actively participate in the conference discussion.